BoneFlo®+ is the first orthopaedic suction handle to compound osteopromotive autologous tissue with a synthetic bone substitute.

The patented BoneFlo®+ suction handle was designed to take up an optional synthetic bone substitute made from porous β-Tricalcium phosphate.

The suction handle is delivered with a plastic filter and can be used as a traditional suction set in cases of musculosceletal surgery, when the use of a bone substitute appears possible. The replacement of the plastic filter with an implantable, paired β-TCP filter is optional and the decision can be made during the surgical intervention.

It was demonstrated that vacuum filter derived stromal cells are superior in proliferation to bone marrow aspirate (see Scientific Updates). The β-TCP loaded BoneFlo®+ handle provides enrichment of the synthetic bone substitute with regenerative autologous tissue during the suction procedure.

The β-TCP filter gets “activated” according to the principle of osteopromotion to improve bone healing. The filter can be easily adapted to every bone defect geometry.

For convenience reasons, the suction set is delivered with two suction tips and two plastic filters in cases of accidental dropping or clogging.

The paired β-TCP filter can be ordered separately.

BoneFlo®+ – Exceeding the Gold Standard

BoneFlo®+ can be used right at the start of the musculosceletal operation as a suction handle with built-in plastic filter. The filter traps autologous tissue that frequently clogs ordinary suction sets and helps to maintain continuous suction. A second plastic filter and suction tip is provided for rapid exchange.

If a bone defect needs to be addressed, the BoneFlo®+ plastic filter can optionally be replaced with a paired β-TCP filter. The suction process provides filling of the bone substitute filter with autologous tissue. It was demonstrated that the collected tissue contains high amounts of regenerative mesenchymal stromal cells. The tissue leads to “activation” of the synthetic bone substitute according to the principle of osteopromotion.

The paired β-TCP filter collects autologous tissue with regenerative characteristics. Generally, the suction procedure is indispensable for the overview of the surgical area. When using BoneFlo®+ with a β-TCP filter, suction performance of the handle is not impaired. The suction procedure guarantees adequate humidification of the bone substitute material. After debridement, we recommend a suction time of at least 10min close to the bone surfaces to maximize the amount of osteoprogenitors.

After harvesting autologous tissue, which is now trapped inside the β-TCP filter, the paired filter can be removed from the handle. Easy mechanical destruction of the autologous tissue-enriched β-TCP filter helps to shape the bone substitute material to the bone defect geometry.

After removal and implantation of the bone substitute, the BoneFlo®+ suction handle can be used until the end of the surgical intervention. For this, the provided plastic filter has to be reinserted into the handle.