Oschmann Kunststofftechnik:

For more than 20 years, Oschmann Kunststofftechnik developes and creates high-class medical products in a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified cleanroom injection molding process. Oschmann accompanies their customers from the idea to the finished product.


Röhm’s CYROLITE® molding compounds are the world’s leading acrylic copolymer specifically developed for use in Medical Device and Diagnostics Industries.

Typical properties of CYROLITE® acrylic-based copolymer compounds are:

• excellent chemical resistance to fats and oils
• excellent bonding and welding capabilities
• excellent bonding to PVC tubing
• good impact strength
• good light transmission
• good resistance to EtO, gamma and E-beam sterilization

β-Tricalcium phosphate:

β-Tricalcium phosphate is completely resorbed in the context of bone regeneration. In virtue of its chemical and material properties, it provides 100% assurance in defect restoration.

The BoneFlo®+ suction handle leads to osteopromotive enrichment of the β-TCP filter. Therefore, a risky second procedure for harvesting cancellous bone can be avoided. This has the advantage for clinicians and patients that the problem of rejection response or potential infection and immunological risks associated with materials of biological origin are eliminated.

The BoneFlo®+ β-TCP filter has an interconnecting, open multi-porosity with micro-, meso- and macropores (5 μm – 500 μm) and an overall porosity of approximately 65%.